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Site Regulations

Post  Hybrid Theory on Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:00 pm

Here are the site regulations that we live off of. Each member will get 3 warnings before getting totally banned, so be warned.

1. Rude Comments and Flaming are forbidden
Every single forum and thread here are not for flaming and rude commenting. It isn't right, and it takes up a ton of site space. Intended rudeness will give you a ban. No flaming or rudeness to anyone on the forum, whether a newbie or site administrator, we must all respect one another. We understand that you might need to fight back at someone in your own denfense. But let us take care of it, and you'll be fine.

2. No Spamming or swearing (That involves rated R related things)
Don't swear anything that hints at sexual, deviant, or racist items that will be offensive to somebody. It isn't tolerated on this site and will give you an immediate ban. Spamming takes up too much space like flaming and isn't tolerated as well. Minor swearing that has nothing to do with whatever is listed above is allowed.

3. Never threaten a member or a staffmember
Doing so will result in an instant ticket to banning.

4. Rated "R", Sexual, Deviant,Yiff, Nudity,mate, and Adult-related issues are forbidden here.
Like threatening, will result in instant ban. There are youngsters here on this site and they are too young to be obsecured to these sort of things.

5. No discussion about personal lives and fanfics about other people (unless not relating of personal stuff)

6. Posts supporting Gay or AntiRace Groups are not allowed either.
This site isn't homophobic, but any posts against other raves and gay referencing is not allowed either. Just don't say it.

7. Stay active on the site
The key point about joining a site is to stay active there. Please stay active on the site at all times. I know there could be times when it seems dead or no ones on, what not. But try your best to stay active every week or so. Inactive accounts could get deleted.

8. Please don't ask for the title of Moderator or Administrator
If the site needs more mods, then I, Frozen Wolf, Shadie, or Draco will be looking for someone who can really do this job. Admins are at a limited number. If by chance an admin resigns from his/her job, then I will choose someone that, again, that has the responsibility to do the job.

9. Don't disrespect the staff!
They work hard to make this work and all that, especially when there are new visitors around.

10. Don't talk in sms
Sms is a cheap shot way of talking through phones to make things easier. But just like any other site (I might be wrong), we don't want any sms talk. It is totally forbidden. The only sms talk that is allowed are... "gtg, bbs, bbl, brb, and g2g".

11. Don't post any other language here other then english.
We are not racist. But the majority of the site is made of English speakers. We know that some of you don't speak English too well, and we won't warn you about that for the first time.

12. When you get in trouble, don't make up excuses that your brother or whoever is screwing with your account
You have responsibility to keep your account from your real life siblings or friends or whatnot from screwing around with your account.

13. Must importantly, have fun!
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